My First test job experience​ in Kumon


Today. I have an interview in Kumon. When I got the email ,actually I am so excited because this is my first  job interview message since I graduated 5 months ago. Right, I am a job seeker who has been seeking the job until now. I have already sent almost 100 job applications, but no one give me a chance. Well here  is my first job interview story. Today in kumon I have two test , math and English. Honestly , I don’t know if the place is really far from my house it’s about maybe 1 hours by motorcycle and maybe 1and half hours by public transportation.  And I don’t really fit at my first job test, I feel a little bit dizzy, and I could not focuses on my paper test. And I didn’t think that there is math that will be testing. When i saw the first number hmm i say that this is actually not difficult. It’s really basic, math test multiplication,division and substraction and another basic math test. But honestly, I couldn’t focus on the worksheet, one factor maybe because there is the limit time. Beside that I also feel dizzy and my view blurred, I couldn’t see clearly :(. I am hopeless. So I give up at math subject. Than another test is English. It’s actually also easy. Maybe if I can say that the test is about reading comprehension in intermediate level. But again I cannot focus, my view blurred and I feel so sleepy.  I actually still learning and learning because I know that I am still bad in english even though I have already graduated on University, but language is about how to practice and practice. You should use it if you don’t want to lose it.  I am still need learning. Therefore, I take the master degree and I am still improving my English until now. I aware that the quality of human is about their skill not the degree. But I also have different perspective when we can learn more and improve ourselves. If there is a chance, I will take that chance. Bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean that you are capable and have the skill. So , I have to make my myself capable and deserve to get the chance. I am so down now and feel that I am big failure or a looser. So if you still studying at college now,don’t waste your time. Make your own deserve to get the chance. Don’t waste your time.



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