Thought of the day (when i reach the progress)

I am still thinking about what will i do  for tomoreow, especially for muy future. I don’t have anything that i can do. I dont have planing for my future like stuck befoee i try,. I see people thay can do what they want they can reach what thwy want to reach. They have friend, job. But i sdont have both of them. In my mind right now, i just can do my best , i just can do whatever i want to do. I never serious about what i want. But seriously this life make mw acared. I don’t have enough stock of knowledge to face it, especially to face people. I dont know why, i feel so scared when i face something that new, i mean the new environment, people! Yeah i hate to face people. I think its normal, since i in the mis achool, there ia no one who want to become mý fried . Yeah, so i think it’s normal that i am alone. But when i have to face someone, i feel that i don’t like it, i feel like im dying. What ahould i do?

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